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Buy PDF File Share

Have you considered buying a PDF File share for your marketing campaigns? Modern SEO has made it easier for businesses to interact with their target audiences on the various business activities and services they offer. It is through effective SEO strategies that online businesses today get the opportunity to introduce and market their brands to potential customers, customers that they would have otherwise never had the opportunity to ofreaching and interacting with.

These open interactions and engagements have to a great extent, benefitted both the companies and customers alike. Customers are now open to many choices, and they get to choose what to buy depending on the quality and value of the providers while companies, on the other hand, get to market themselves and showcase what they have to offer.

PDF File Sharing for SEO

One highly effective, yet commonly overlooked strategy is PDF file sharing. This is an off-page SEO strategy capable of pushing your website and company to uncharted waters, exposing you to a whole new market that you could have quickly passed up. PDF file sharing is also an effective way to get quality backlinks and improve your Google ranking.Buy PDF File Share

The advantage with document sharing over other traditional methods is that the readers get to have uninterrupted time going through your document and they can even download the files to read them offline. If you are looking for a place where you can buy PDF file share and build up backlinks to your website, then you are in the right place.

We can craft informative documents with relevant information concerning your business, and by submitting them to PDF sharing sites, we expose you to a whole new market that you can use to your advantage.

Some of the popular PDF sharing sites include:


  • Scribd
  • Doc stoc
  • Slide share
  • Slide six
  • We papers
  • Doc share
  • Esnips
  • calemeo
  • Just to name a few


Benefits of Buying PDF File Share Service

PDF File Share

  1. Natural backlinks.

The backlinks in PDF documents have a natural feel, and they are not flagged by search engines as spam. That way, you get to enjoy the benefits of an effective strategy that guarantees an improvement in your Google ranking. Since the PDFs are shared online, search engines easily find your backlinks, and this improves the value of your website, thus getting you a higher ranking.

  1. Authority backlinks from Google trusted sources.

Another reason why this SEO strategy is bound to give your desired results in page ranking is that many of the document-sharing sites have high domain authority. They are also trusted by Google and other search engines. As such, the backlinks from such sources are all dofollow links, and they will be used to index your website, improving your ranking on SERPs.

  1. Manual submissions.

Since we manually upload the documents ourselves to the PDF sharing websites, you are not at risk of your documents being miscategorized. That increases the chances of your documents being approved thus increasing your outreach.

  1. New untapped audience

There are millions of people looking for information daily online, and the PDF sharing sites are among the most trusted resources. By submitting your articles on such platforms, therefore, we open up your brand to a whole new market that is rarely reached by many businesses.

  1. Online Presence

Our PDF file share service also enhances your online presence, and this is good for business. Through the uploaded articles, your brand becomes known far and wide, and you also get the opportunity to have your website indexed in the hundreds of business directories available online.

A brief walkthrough of our PDF file sharing service:

If you are seeking a service to enhance your brand awareness and increase the amount of web traffic flowing towards your site, then our PDF file sharing service is perfect for you. We offer a unique link building strategy that will give your brand mentions in many trusted websites that receive millions of visitors daily, and you can convert much of that audience to new customers.

You can send us the PDF files for submitting to the various PDF sharing sites, or in case you do not have them ready, our team can craft some for you. Our SEO team can come up with quality informative articles, of at least 1000 words to fit the standards of PDF documents, together with relevant images and diagrams to capture the readers’ attention and describe your content better.

We can work together with you, incorporating your ideas in the documents, or our team can also conduct the research themselves to come up with topics in your niche that will be of interest to the readers.

Search Engine Optimization

After creating the articles, with the relevant keywords and quality content to resonate with the readers, we manually upload them to the document sharing sites for publishing. The articles are fully optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, titles, and content descriptions for search engines to recognize your content. We also include backlinks to your site to ensure you get extra traffic from the readers as they flock your websites for more material.

Additional tips to ensure quality documents that will give the desired results

  1. Keep the articles simple and easy to understand by the audience. We craft articles of approximately 1000 words, which is the standard measure to keep audiences engaged without boring them.
  2. An attractive cover page also gives your documents a professional look and attracts readers to your content.
  3. Branding is also essential in the marketing strategy. We achieve this by putting your logo on the cover page and your link address in the description to help the audience recognize you.
  4. Proper content. The goal is to give relevant information about your business, and to capture this, you should ensure that your articles are complete, covering all the necessary details.
  5. An attractive website also goes a long way in creating theright image for your audience. You want to have a website that will fascinate your visitors and encourage them to buy from you.


Document sharing is a guaranteed way to create your brand awareness and drive web traffic to your site. With our service, we promise to come up with quality content that will serve your best interests and lead to the growth of your brand. Buy PDF file share service from us today and see a difference in the visitors you get to your site and the sales you generate.

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