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Buy PBN Backlink

  • REAL Verified Backlinks
  • Permanent Links
  • 3 Keywords
  • Domains have high Page Rank
  • Domains have high Page Rank
  • High Quality, Enjoy Traffic
  • 100% Verified live links.
  • Manual Work

Instructions To Buyers:
Just send us only Website link and Keyword .

Work Report Delivery Time 5-7 Business Day

We accept all payment method such as Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Money Bookers western union etc.

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Buy PBN Backlink for Improving Website

Should you buy PBN backlinks today?

Buy pbn backlink

Have you tried to buy PBN backlinks online, yet after spending hundreds of dollars seen no change in your SERP (Search engine results page) ranking? Some of the backlink providers online will promise to provide efficient service, but they end up giving low-quality blog posts on oversold sites. This one is bound to fail.


However, boosting your site’s ranking shouldn’t be that difficult, and you do not have to spend too much of your money trying to achieve this. We have built our private blog network, and we can control the quality of our sites, starting from the websites we link to, the content we create, and even the number of links we put on each website.


We have been successful, as should be the case with any proper PBN, and have consistently made the top 3 spots on Google for many commercial keywords.

PBN link service

What are PBN Backlinks? 

PBN backlinks, or PR links as they used to be called back in the day, refer to a network of websites that are trusted by search engines like Google due to their power and authority. (PR means Page Rank.) The reason why you build a PBN is to link them to your main website, which we call the money site. That is, the site that you use for commercial purposes and that will benefit by being linked to by the PBN backlinks.

The websites and blogs networked in the PBN are all owned by one person, and by building links to the money site, the money site’s traffic increases, consequently raising their ranking. The backlinks can also be sold to other site owners for profit. PBNs are precisely what Google’s algorithm needs, as the more a site is referred to from other websites, the higher Google ranks it.

Do PBNs still work today, and are they legal?

When you go to Google and type ‘PBN backlinks,’ you’ll find that some of the results are as old as 2005. That means that site owners have used the strategy for a long time, but it is not until recently that Google declared it illegal and started penalizing sites that use PBNs to boost their rankings.

You are safe with us

To beat this, therefore, you should only buy or rent PBN links from providers that know how to evade the traps set by Google. With our black hat strategies, we are careful to use the industry’s best practices to ensure safety for the network as well as your sites.

We screen the domains we buy for our systems to ensure they are penalty-free and ensure that they leave no footprints and linking patterns with other sites in the network. One way that Google can tell you are using PBNs is when they are found to be owned by the same individual.

By buying old and expired domains for the network, we can curb this as each of the domains have been created on a unique IP address.

We also screen the sites buying or renting PBN links from us, so you do not have to worry that your website will be linked alongside other dubious sites that you wouldn’t like to be associated with.

Why buy PBN backlinks from us?

  1. Long term strategy. Our PBN link building strategy approach is highly efficient. We do not go for the so-called mass linking strategies that create many links that are all of the low quality and seldom deliver results. Instead, we go for a few relevant links to your site – PBN links that will actualize on results. In short, with our service, you are guaranteed results that will work.
  2. Safety. Each of the domains that we use in our network is all filtered and treated with care. That way, you do not have to worry about your safety.
  3. Genuine sites. The sites we have in our network are all genuine, and they all have the domain authority to be trusted by Google to rank your blogs and sites. We feed them with original content daily, and a number of them even have AdSense and other affiliate offers.
  4. Flexibility. We have a hoard of available domains (150+), in our Private Blog Network. That means that you can rank whatever keyword you desire with great flexibility.
  5. Original content. We ensure that the content you get from us is relevant to your keyword, while still falling in line with the theme of the target website to guarantee safety. The content is also 100% original, and human-readable, having been expertly crafted by our professional team.
  6. Works everywhere. Another advantage of choosing us is that regardless of your market or specific niche, you can buy backlinks from us that will take your site to the first page of search engine results.
  7. Maintenance. For you to get the best from PBNs, you need a strategy. Just setting up the links and forgetting about them isn’t enough to guarantee maximum juice from your sites and ensuring their safety. You need a service that continually monitors progress and remains active all through. That is what we offer to our clients.
  8. Support. By selecting us, you also get the benefit of the active customer service we offer. So in case of any issues that you may have in the course of our work, feel free to contact us anytime, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How the process works:

  1. Submit order details
  • The first process is you providing us with your website details, as well as the specific keywords that you’d like to rank for. You’ll also get to select your category depending on your niche, and the number of PBN backlinks you’d like.
  1. Content Creation
  • Your instructions, our SEO team, will get into the task of crafting custom posts as per your keywords. The articles are 100% handwritten by our professional writers, and they should be ready in 72 hours.
  1. Publishing
  • This, we post your articles on our high metric PBN domains, including your backlinks. We also ensure the articles are indexed by Google and blocked from crawlers to provide privacy from your competition.

4. Watch your ranking rise

  • accomplished that, you can sit back and watch your site’s ranking rise as the backlinks are added to your website’s portfolio.


When it comes to the question of whether you should still buy PBN backlinks today, our simple answer is yes. The trick, however, is to work with a reliable provider who will employ the right tactics in the task and accomplish your desired results. We have been in the link-building industry for almost a decade now, and our experience, compounded with our team’s expertise, promises you perfect delivery and guaranteed results. Choose to buy PBN backlinks from us today, and watch your site get to the first page of Google results with minimal effort.

Customer support

Our Teams Are Here To Help
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2 reviews for Buy PBN Backlink

  1. Harold M. Cooper

    His recommendations made a HUGE difference for our business venture and I would highly recommend him.

  2. John C. White

    Digitalservice24h is amazing at what he does. Intelligent, driven, trustworthy and just overall professional.
    And an absolute pleasure doing business
    with them. I highly recommend their services.

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