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Buy Audio Voice Link building

Link building strategies can fit almost any type of platform with enough space to place a link. Certainly, audio/voice platforms are not an exception. In fact, they gather a fast-growing segment devoted to enjoying music and videos. Also, the new appearance of virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri, Google Now, and Hound offers new spaces to place links on their apps.

Although written link strategies might look opposite to sound schemes when you Buy Audio Voice Link Building services, you can suddenly realize all the benefits you can obtain by expanding your link strategy to non-traditional sources. What is even better is that this strategy is successful not only in the music industry but for many other sectors too. See below some types of audio/sound backlinking strategies you can start.

Buy Audio Voice Link building

Music Industry

The music industry uses this link strategy as one of its primary sources of marketing. In fact, some resources to maximize the potential of links were developed to satisfy this industry. Nowadays, the artist needs to promote their music through streaming platforms and redirect their listeners to the platforms where they can buy their records and other things. Now they rely on quick links that are easy to create, affordable, help to improve other SEO actions and the following:

  • Short URLs: by shorting URLs, links look more aesthetic and occupy less space in the site
  • Multi-platform: Artists offer their music through several streaming platforms, and sometimes their availability may vary according to the geographical location of the users. With smart links, the users go to the main page and can choose what they need.
  • Easy integration to Google Analytics: these links can also be integrated into Google Analytics and provide useful information related to marketing metrics.

Music Platforms Genres

All around the world, millions of people visit music platforms every day, to choose, buy, and listening to their favorite music. Many of them include spaces to offer information about the song and the artists. One of the greatest advantages of these platforms is that songs can be classified in genres that attract specific targets of consumers for each of them.

For instance, you can relate RAP and Pop style music with young generations. On the other hand, classical music could be related to older listeners. In other words, you can find any target in music platforms.

New Discoveries Through Music Platforms

The music environment is somehow conducive to explore new things. As a result, it might lead new customers to enter and discover new information through links. Some examples of music platforms include SoundCloud, Spotify, Myspace, iHeart Radio, MixCloud, and many others. And they all include spaces to add descriptions and information where you can place some links.

Video PlatformsComment Section

Currently, the most representative video platform is YouTube. And this is an excellent site to add links. You can add links to the space provided for descriptions. However, this space is reserved only for the publishers of the videos. Luckily, there is also space for comments from the viewers, and that is an excellent way to add links too.

Also, you can create your own YouTube channel and publish video content. Since you have the space for the description, you will have the chance to add your personal links. This function was not always available and is taking YouTube businesses to another level. To leverage this opportunity, it is essential to assure high-quality content of your videos and publish them frequently to attract as many viewers as possible.

Buy Audio Voice Link building service

Promotion of Video Platforms

You can promote such videos through other SEO methods and integrate them into a complete SEO strategy. It would mean that people may reach your channel through links from different sources and then using this channel to access links to your website.

When you Buy Audio Voice Link Building services, you also obtain support to promote your videos by using SEO strategies such as compelling descriptions, keywords, and backlinks, just to name a few. Moreover, these services take care of adding the links and optimizing the links to include keywords into the links. Also, these services can handle all YouTube requirements to allow you to include your links when you publish videos.


Apps are now everywhere, and whoever has a smartphone also has downloaded an app. This is an exceptional opportunity to include links. Nowadays, apps indicate if they include publicity or no. So, backlinks can be included in the publicity and some times into the app itself. What is important is to target the right type of app for the customers you want to reach.

Also, you can develop your own app and add links by creating a Web Link Field that allows you to include this sort of information. This way, you guarantee that every time auser opens the app, he/she can encounter the link and has the chance to click on it.  Besides, apps offer additional advantages. Among them, the fact that messages seem very personal to the recipients. That is because they get them right on their own phones.

The future of Audio Voice Links

Voice and audio resources are gaining a lot of presence in the digital world. Nowadays, it is common that people use voice messages and voice searches more frequently. Also, many platforms are investing some resources in developing new ideas because it is considered an amiable and easy way to communicate and consume digital products. The future will undoubtedly bring many more ways to add links to these platforms, and you should get ready now.


In short, audio/voice linking strategies may vary according to the type of industry that uses it and the platform you use to distribute such links. Because of the special requirements of every platform, when you Buy Audio Voice Link Building services, you can solve many issues related to their needs.

Besides, they can develop a good plan that includes relevant keywords, smart links, and the selection and creation of the best platforms according to the type of products or services that you commercialize. Despite adding links might be an easy task when you face fierce competition on the web, it forces you to create an SEO campaign that covers many sides of the backlinking strategy.

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